Fortnightly walks in and around Ampthill

Short led walks, all welcome

Ampthill Health Walks are for anyone who wants to get more active. They are about 3 miles long and last about an hour and a quarter. Everyone walks at their own brisk pace, with a backmarker to make sure no one is left behind. There may be some hills and in bad weather there might also be some mud but we do our best to minimise this!
The walks are all free  - you just turn up.
After the walks we usually find a cafe or similar for refreshments.
We are a very friendly group so why not come along to one of our walks and see if it's for you?

Programme of Walks April to July 2017

All walks start at 10am

7th April - Ampthill Park, west car park

21st April - Maulden Woods, A6 layby

5th May - The Chequers PH Houghton Conquest

19th May - Aspley Woods CP nr Woburn Sands

2nd June - Ampthill Park , west car park

16th June - Silsoe, Village Hall CP

30th June - Staples Garden Centre Millbrook

14th July - Sharpenhoe Clappers CP nr Streatley

28th July - Harlington Village Hall CP

For more information contact Lynda on 01234 740788 or

Bluebells galore in Maulden Woods 21st April 2017 (and 2 photos below)

Maulden Woods 21st April 2017 - visit to the rare Wild Service Tree
Glorious spring blossom in Ampthill Park car park 7th April 2017
Something interesting to look at - cattle having a rest? -  Ampthill Park 7th April 2017
Regrouping in the woods Ampthill Park 7th April 2017
Walking through the gorse in Cooper's Hill 7th April 2017
Flitton & Flitwick Moor 24th March 2017 (and 2 photos below)

Walk 10th March 2017 was Harlington, changed after recce to Woburn because of MUD!! Here waiting for those who went to Harlington and were brought over by Laurie and caught us up (see below)!
And here they are!
Back through Woburn Deer Park 10th March 2017
Walk from Ampthill Park 24th Feb 2017, first through Coopers Hill
Snowdrops galore in Kings Arms Path Garden 24th Feb 2017 and 2 photos below

Getting past an obstacle after storm Doris (24th Feb 2017)
Back along the ridge in Ampthill Park 24th Feb 2017
Going for a brisk walk to get warm from Wilstead 10th Feb 2017 (and one below)

Lots of hardy souls braved the cold in Priory Country Park 27th Jan 2017 (and 2 below)

Lovely atmospheric shot on our walk from Ampthill Park to Millbrook 30th Dec 2016 (and 5 below)

Admiring the alpacas near Millbrook 30th Dec 2016

 Down from Millbrook Church into the village 30th Dec 2016

Forest Centre walk 16th Dec 2016 (and 3 photos below)

Christmas Walk and Meal 2nd Dec 2016
Maulden Woods 2nd Dec 2016 (and 3 photos below)

This way to avoid the mud!

The photos speak for themselves! A great time was had by all!

Trying to reverse out of the frame (and thankfully blurred!) to everyone's amusement Danish Camp 4th Nov 2016

Willington Dovecote 4th Nov 2016
Willington Church and Stables 4th Nov 2016
Kicking up the leaves Danish Camp 4th Nov 2016
Outside the Duck End Nature Reserve on the walk from Maulden 7th Oct 2016

Strolling through the nature reserve 7th Oct 2016
Up the hill to Maulden Church 7th Oct 2016

Catch up point on walk to Steppingley from Flitwick Leisure Centre 23rd Sep 2016
A few hopefuls outside the pub in Steppingley 
Nellie the Steppingley elephant!
Lovely view of Woburn Abbey 16th Sept 2016 (the day the heavens opened) - thanks Fred!
We saw lots of deer and very few people! Three more photos of the walk 16th Sept 2016  below.
Spot the scarecrows!!
Laurie's breakfast for tomorrow with the Abbey in the background
Never trust the men to carry a tray from the pub to the garden without spilling everything! NB see the pot of smarties front centre swimming in milk!
Enjoying a drink in the sunshine outside the Forest Centre 9 September 2016
Pretty cottage Silsoe 26 Aug 2016
Sheltering from the sun at the top of Thrift Wood Silsoe 26 Aug 20016
Cattle on the footpath in Ampthill Park 12th Aug 2016
Enjoying the heather in full bloom on Cooper's Hill 12th Aug 2016 (and photo below)

Setting off from Maulden Church 29th July 2016
Regrouping in Maulden Woods 29th July 2016
Admiring the poem on a plaque in Maulden Woods for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, written by John, one of our walkers!
Priory Country Park 1st July 2016 overlooking the lake
Otters or dogs? Priory Country Park 1st July 2016 (2 dogs included for comparison!)
Walking through Aspley Woods 3rd June 2016
Glorious view from the top of Sharpenhoe Clappers 20th May 2016
Walking along the narrow path at the top of Sharpenhoe Clappers 20th May 2016
Masses of wild garlic in flower Flitwick Wood 6th May 2016
Catchup point in Flitwick Wood 6th May 2016
Carpets of bluebells Kings Wood 22nd April 2016 (and 2 photos below)

Cowslips in Cowslip Meadow 22nd April 2016 (and photo below)

Climbing the steep hill to Millbrook Church 8th April 2016
Coming back to Ampthill Park from Millbrook 8th April 2016
More steep hills in Ampthill Park 8th April 2016
Maulden Woods walk 11th March 2016
Striding along the paths in Maulden Woods 11th March 2016
Regroup point in Maulden Woods 11th March 2016
Catch up at Cooper's Hill 26th Feb 2016

Looking round King's Arms Path Gardens 26th Feb 2016 (and 5 photos below)

The snowdrops were still out...

And the hellebores...
And the camellias...
Not to mention the daffodils...
Walking round the lake
Brilliant photo from John of Cardington Hangars on Wilstead walk 12th Feb 2016. They were miles away - I have camera envy now!
Footpaths north of Wilstead 12th Feb 2016
Owl chainsaw carving seen on our circuit from Danish Camp 29th January 2016
Stop to admire the 16th century Willington Dovecote - Danish Camp walk 29th January 2016
Walking through the nature reserve on Maulden walk 15th January 2016 
Arty view of some of our walkers on our Maulden walk 15th January 2016
Regrouping on Maulden walk 15th January 2016 (and photo below)

New Year's Day 2016 Ampthill park walk
Walking through Cooper's Hill nature reserve 1/1/16
Almost back 1/1/16
Santa Stroll Ampthill Park 20th September 2015 - Six Smiling Santas!
Ready for the off -  but what is Pete doing??
Striding out all in synch
Santas everywhere!
Forest Centre walk 18th Dec 2015 (and 3 others below)
Looking around the gardens 

Christmas walk and meal 4th December 2015 (and 7 photos below)
The puddle wasn't as big when we walked it out, honest!
Regrouping in the woods
Another catchup point in  lovely sunshine
A jolly group waiting for their meal

And another one!
Tucking in
Happy family photo!

Regrouping at Millbrook Church 20th November 2015

Back in Ampthill Park and another hill to climb! 20th November 2015

Inside Clophill Old Church 6th November 15
And outside the church 6th November 15
Up Lime Walk, Ampthill Park 23rd October 15

Up past Thrift Wood Silsoe walk 9th October 15
Still going up the hill Silsoe 9th October 15
And down the other side! Silsoe 9th October 15
An artistic shot against the sun! Silsoe 9th October 15
Another obstacle on the route Silsoe 9th October 15
A well-earned cuppa in the sunshine at Wrest Park 9th October 15

By the wind turbine, Forest Centre 25 Sep 15
Regrouping where the footpath meets the track Forest Centre 25 Sep 15
Enjoying the view over the lake 25 Sep 15
Taking over the cafe after the walk! 25 Sep 15
Woburn 11th September 15 - going up the hilly bit
Woburn 11th September 15 - through the Deer Park - and photo below

Walking through the flowering heather in Cooper's Hill Nature Reserve 28th August 2015
On top of Cooper's Hill 28th August 2015
Walking down the Alameda 28th August 2015
Some of us found this new sculpture in Ampthill Park 28th August 2015!
Regrouping in Wilstead 14th August 2015
Aspley Woods 17th July 2015.  Our new leader consults his map - should we be worried?
Winding our way up the hill - Aspley Woods 17th July 2015

Catch up point Aspley Woods 17th July 2015

Final stretch Aspley Woods 17th July 2015
War Memorial by Cooper's Hill nature reserve 3rd July 2015 
Enjoying a swing on the way to the top of the Clappers 5th June 2015
By the monument at the top of the Clappers 5th June 2015 
Enjoying the lovely views from the top of the Clappers 5th June 2015

Walking past Ampthill Church 22nd May 2015
And through the town 22nd May 2015
Our second bluebell fix of the year Maulden Woods 8th May 2015
Bluebells in Maulden Woods 8th May 2015 (and photo below)

Bluebells and primroses Kings Wood 24 Apr 15

Admiring the bluebells 24th Apr 15

Cowslip Meadow 24th Apr 15
Catch up point Maulden walk 10th April 2015
Climbing the hill to Maulden Church 10th April 2015. Who's this handsome chap at the front?
Flitton walk 27th March 2015
Crossing Flitton Moor 27th March 2015
And this was only part of the group!
Back into Flitton 27th March 2015
Cooper's Hill aka The Firs 13th March 2015
By the wind turbine in Marston Vale Forest Centre 27th Feb 2015 (and 3 photos below)

Snowdrops, Kings Arms Path Garden 13th Feb 2015 (and 5 photos below) 

Snow? What snow? Walk from Silsoe 30th Jan 15
Cute little horses in the snow 30th Jan 15
Extensive views over the fields 30th Jan 15
Slogging up the hill keeps us warm 30th Jan 15
We braved the snow and ice! 30th Jan 15
Walking the perimeter of Center Parcs16th Jan 2015 - and photo below

Stop to admire the open views from the perimeter of Center Parcs 16th Jan 2015

We walked to Clophill Old Church on a glorious sunny day 2nd Jan 2015
One table enjoying their Xmas meal 5th Dec 2014!

And another one!

Through Maulden Woods 5th Dec 2014

Open space in Maulden Woods 5th Dec 2014
Xmas meal walk photo opportunity 5th Dec 2014
Kicking up the leaves Ampthill Park 24 Oct 2104

Views from Ampthill Park 24 Oct 2014
In the pub garden after the walk 10 Oct 2014
Woburn Park 10 Oct 2014
Country footpaths around Woburn 10 Oct 2014
Maulden Churchyard 26th September 2014
Coming down from Maulden Church 26th September 2014
Our First Anniversary 12th September 2014
We walked through the heather ...
Wandered through the woods...
Admired the views...
And ate lots of cake!

Steppingley walk 29th August 2014 in front of Old School
Walking through Steppingley 29th August 2014
Silsoe walk by Thrift Wood 1st August 2014
Maulden Church walk 4th July 2014
Still smiling at the top of a steep hill in Maulden Woods 4th July 2014
Ampthill Park 6th June 2014
Walking past Ampthill Church 6th June 2014
Face-off on Kings Wood and Houghton House walk 9th May 14 
A fine-looking group at Houghton House!
Blown away by Houghton House!
Bluebells in Maulden Woods 25 April 14

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Woburn Park 11th April 14

Woburn countryside
No deer today but a cute little foal

Lake in Woburn Park
Time for a well-earned cuppa - Forest Centre 14th March 14
Cold February day - lovely snowdrops